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EffectiveSoft Team

EffectiveSoft is a team of experienced software developers, engineers, and scientists with expertise in different technical domains. All of the company members have bachelor’s or master’s degrees in the sciences and at least five years of experience in the software development field. Team members possess a wide range of backgrounds – from software development, sales and marketing, and education and training to the technical sciences. They each bring a depth of talent and knowledge to the company. Our team spirit and the company’s management expertise and support are successfully combined with creativity, a dedication to work, and a development culture to produce solid, effective software results. Our commitment is to continuing to provide the highest quality to our clients.

Our team: 
Development Team:
Software Managers – 19
Software developers – 125
Technical writers and Designers – 7
Semantic Tools Team – 18
Quality Assurance Team – 41
Support and Administration – 9
Scientific Knowledge Team:
Domain Experts/Scientists – 56 (24 PhDs)
Graphic Designers – 17
Technical Editors and Translators – 10