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Customer Testimonials

Sven Bjorkman
CIO / IT-Manager
Arkitektkopia AB, Sweden


The feedback from our customers on the usability of our web-based service is very good and we are now planning to create more of our digital services over the next years with EffectiveSoft (Softvelopers™)...

Tom Golden
TruCode, USA

We have been partnering with EffectiveSoft since 2006, so we’ve had time to become familiar with their professionalism and the quality of service they provide. Of particular note, I would highlight the great responsibility which my offshore development team assumes when solving critical tasks – I am always confident of the thoroughness of the research and the design of the solution. With their help, we are able to do releases every quarter without resorting to individual heroics or burning everyone out. That allows me to focus my attention less on day-to-day release activities and more on other critical company responsibilities.

Jeremy Milikow
Chief Executive Officer
UrbanRide, Inc.


I would like to take the opportunity to thank the entire EffectiveSoft team for the amazing job that they do. Over the years, UrbanRide has utilized various configurations of in-house and outsourced development. Since working with EffectiveSoft, our entire development process has been transformed. UrbanRide now has the most innovative technology in the ground transportation industry. Importantly, our partnership with EffectiveSoft enables UrbanRide to develop leading edge technology without breaking the bank.

Rescompany Logo
Josef Ganitzer
Director SMS

Thanks for everything you did for us. It was a good experience to work with your team. Eugene and Dmitry have been excellent guys, very responsive and knowledgeable. Together we have achieved a major milestone for Rescompany.

We certainly want the world to know that working with EffectiveSoft was great! Should we need additional resources in the future, we certainly would come back to you again.

Graham Partridge
Research & Development Director
Soutron Limited


We outsourced our development to EffectiveSoft 3 years ago and very quickly forged an excellent working relationship, initially with our client manager Maryia Marozava, our project manager Aleh Yanovich and subsequently the rest of the team. Effectivesoft have proved themselves to be dedicated to the project and have a “Can Do” attitude and will do what it takes to get a job done and it is a pleasure working with the team.

The team very quickly understood what we were trying to achieve and have contributed to ideas that has helped move our development forward at a faster pace. Our relationship is now a long term one. After three years we fully expect to work with ES for many years to come, helping us bring world class software to market.

Jack Costello, CEO
CTM Holdings LLC
Cambridge, MA

Over the past two years, EffectiveSoft has brought mileBlaster from a concept to an award winning product which is getting rave reviews. The EffectiveSoft team’s dedication, integrity, resourcefulness, quality, accuracy, timeliness and commitment to stand behind their work are equal or better than having an in house development team. They are a real partner.

Egetrade Logo
Samuli Siltanen, CTO
Siltanet Ltd., Finland

All in total, thanks! Great work. If you need us to recommend you, I'm more than happy to do such! We're more than pleased with your work :-)

Egetrade Logo
Andrey Kan
Senior Software Engineer


Being our partner for more than three years, EffectiveSoft (Softvelopers™) proved to be a reliable, responsible and cooperative team.

Alexander Berezovsky
Development manager
Shiram LTD, Tel Aviv, Israel

We have selected EffectiveSoft for the development of the E-Credit payment system targeted at a group of banks in Israel. The project was enough sophisticated as it required different skills. The EffectiveSoft team was able to meet our requirements and make the project a real success. We didn't have any problems in communication, which is a very important factor when selecting an outsourcing vendor.

Branca micrographics
Lyle Thomas
Business Development
Branca Micrographics


Me personally and on behalf of my company I wish to express special thanks to the EffectiveSoft development team! The service has been outstanding and the result is perfect. They have far exceeded my expectations and I will always have no hesitation in recommending this company.

Roger Hellqvist
President and CEO
Atolina AB, Sweden

When we decided that our corporate website required updating, our choice was the Softvelopers team of EffectiveSoft Ltd. We were attracted by the high efficiency-to-price ratio they provide.
We were not mistaken in our choice: the professionalism and efficiency of communication with the Softvelopers team, and the high quality of their maintenance and support services completely satisfied us. Softvelopers assisted us in the redesign, programming and maintenance of our website, with a quality and efficiency that we believe will some day become the standard in the software industry.

Our Company considers Softvelopers as very reliable outsourcing development team.

Jori A Outchaev
Verkställande direktör (VD)
Scandinavien Kyl & Frys AB


Our Company considers Softvelopers as a very reliable outsourcing development team. We are completely satisfied with the service provided by Softvelopers. The functionality and performance of developed software enable us to achieve our business goals.

Bill Guerin
Principal Software Engineer
FlatBurger, Inc.


Softvelopers has been providing custom DotNetNuke software development for FlatBurger, and we are in the process of starting more projects with them. I have been very impressed with their DotNetNuke expertise and their ability to master DNN concepts and development. I have worked with other companies in India and China on DotNetNuke projects, with little success. Softvelopers has been most impressive and we are very satisfied with our relationship with them. I would strongly recommend Softvelopers for DotNetNuke and .NET development.

Sergey V. Isakov
Creator of "Kasatka"
CEO of "Management Research Center" of "Business Process"
Consulting Group, Moscow, Russia

Being our partner for more than 3 years, EffectiveSoft proved to be a reliable, responsible and cooperative team. As a specialist, I am especially impressed by a well-tuned development process and proven business methodology in the company, which makes it possible to achieve the best results at the earliest possible date.

Kasatka - consulting/tutorial marketing software (more than 6000 copies sold in Russia).

Craig Bristol
Senior Systems Analyst
Blue Cross Blue Shield

This time it worked! I am very happy with the new DLL. I would like to thank you and the developer who made this all happen. I am going to recommend your company to anyone who asks me about custom programming.