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Customer Testimonials

Sven Bjorkman
CIO / IT-Manager
Arkitektkopia AB, Sweden


"Arkitketkopia-Byggnet group provides collaboration/info/print services in Scandinavia. It is the largest collaboration/info/print company in the real-estate and construction market in the Nordic Region with the staff of about 250 employees and an annual revenue base of 35 million euro. Since its foundation, the majority of revenues of Arkitketkopia-Byggnet group comes from making architectural/consultant drawings prints. As the real-estate and construction market is gradually getting digital, our group needs to provide more efficient IT-based solutions. As a part of this strategy, Arkitketkopia-Byggnet group is focused on making easy-to-use productive software and Internet solutions.

IIn this regard, we find the skills and expertise from EffectiveSoft (Softvelopers™) really helpful. EffectiveSoft are able to handle any problem related to hardware or software issues; simply put, they are always ready to do extra work to support their customers whenever these issues arise.

The feedback of our customers on the usability of our web-based service is very good and we are now planning to make more of our digital services over the next years with EffectiveSoft"

Sven Bjorkman,
CIO / IT-Manager
Arkitektkopia AB, Sweden

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