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Translation and Localization Services

EffectiveSoft is pleased to announce software localization and multilingual translation services. Our industry expertise covers the following areas:

  • Adapting computer software to cultural and linguistic peculiarities of target market
  • Translation of technical documentation into any language
  • Development of software products in compliance with the requirements of countries, where the products will be distributed

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Translation and Localization Services we offer:
  • Translation and Localization of GUI
  • Adaptation of graphic design elements
  • Translation services for Online Help, User Manuals, technical documentation
  • Online games and multimedia applications localization (including audio scoring)
  • Website translation and globalization:
    • Translation of internet-based applications
    • Web pages translation: HTML, Flash, ASP, JavaScript, XML and others
  • Software internationalization
  • Social networking sites translation
  • Branding and linguistic research
  • Translation and localization services for marketing:
    • Press-releases
    • Sales guides
    • Brochures and surveys
  • Technical translation for mobile and wireless applications

Why you need translation services by EffectiveSoft?

If you want to expand your software business all over the world, translation and localization services are what you need. EffectiveSoft’s best subject experts and localization engineers will adapt customer software to different languages, cultures and regions. We help our clients to increase profits by making their software products tailored to specific target markets without any language barriers. Except computer software localization, EffectiveSoft offers internationalization services per request.

Customer advantages:
  • Professional approach to every customer
  • Technical support and maintenance
  • Experienced localization engineers and native speaking translators
  • Competitive costs for translation and localization services in EffectiveSoft
  • Multilingual content delivery tailored to custom needs
  • Expertise and translation localization consulting