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Flash Game Rally Quest - Use Case

Project Description

A game, called Rally Quest 2 belongs to non-commercial projects, created with Flash development technology as in-house training to demonstrate Flash application development skills of software engineers by EffectiveSoft and to provide customers with new portfolio project.

Problem statement

There was a necessity to fulfill our portfolio with new creative project, independent from customer requirements. The purpose of the game is to demonstrate application development skills and expertise of our company members. As the result of constructive work, the products are characterized by originality, eye-catchy look and ultimate functionality, which is especially important for portfolio project.

A dedicated workgroup was created; it consisted of a marketing manager, a graphic designer, a technical consultant and three Flash developers. As a result of several brainstorms the projects received more detailed description. So, the workgroup proceeded with Flash game development.


The whole game design and development process consisted of 3 phases:

  1. Initial briefing
  2. Game development
  3. Game testing and acceptance

Phase 1: Initial briefing

Objectives Results
Game general concept generation We decided that the game would be a trial-class rally racing presented as a 2D solution.
Definition of a main character (control technique) The main character would be a simple sport car approaching the Buggy style.
Selection of graphic/design tools For the sake of fun and salt of the game, one of the designers suggested adding a so-called harpoon to the front part of the car, which will help the player overcome obstacles on the way.
Selection of a development technology Tools to be used: Adobe Flash CS4, Eclipse with FDT

Brainstorming for concepts generation

  • Game scenes sketches
  • Definition of game rules
  • Choosing game characters
  • Specify the car behavior strategies
  • Definition of events duration
Drafts of game profiles and game scenes sketches (obstacles, which user is supposed to surmount for passing a level) were developed by the workgroup.

Ski jumping:
With or without harpoon the car is moving with high speed,
Jumping over an abyss:
The car gears up, throws out the harpoon on the other side, the harpoon carries the car over the abyss
Moving on sliding platform:
While on the fist platform the car waits till the second one slides closer and then — «Jump!»
Mountain climbing:
The car throws up harpoon as a climbing rope, with help of which the car moves up.

Behavior scenarios and rules of the car:

Speeding up
At full speed the front wheel of the car rises up.
Not moving
Through the car is with vibrations to show the engine is on, the car is ready to move.
The car bends forward to the ground, and the rear wheel rises up.

Marketing manager begins to develop game scenario after all creative briefs and brainstorms.

The game scenario creation process:

  • Game scenes specification
  • Designing of game levels
  • Definition of win-lose game logic and game controls
  • Creating time-line schemes of game events development
  • Creating a game balance system
  • Describing the dialog and inquiry windows
A detailed scenario with precise description of the game resulted from the work. And on the base of the scenario, we started to develop the game and to fill it with graphic content.

Phase 2: Game development:

  • Game engine development
  • Game scenes sketches
  • Background designing
  • Design development of game characters
  • Development of minor design elements
  • Development of game interface
  • Development of dialog windows
  • Game levels development and testing

Graphic elements of the game:

A special attention was paid to all the graphic elements. The concept of car design was varying in the development course due to a diversity of creative opinions. The third variant of the car was selected as the final one.

Phase 3: Game testing and acceptance

The most important phase of the game development process is game balance adjustment and QA testing.

  • Game balance system integration
  • Integration of design with game levels
  • Workgroup internal testing, game balance adjustment
  • Sound embedment
  • QA testing


As a result a smart and entertaining Flash game was created by EffectiveSoft with rich graphic interface, rational memory distribution and high performance. The goal of the player is to drive the car to the finish within a short period of time and with fewer losses. The employees evidently have an excellent opportunity to master professional skills and learn many new useful things in an engaging atmosphere.

Benefits of the Rally Quest Flash game:

  • High performance
  • Smart animation effects and rich graphic features
  • The application with a flexible system of classes and rational memory distribution due to optimization techniques
  • Flexibility in adapting design and game techniques to customer's needs

Here you will find technical description of the Flash demo game or you can play the Flash game online.