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Use Cases

Effective Soft company have successfully completed numerous software projects across different domain industries. Here you may find Use Case examples demonstrating how we implemented business ideas of our customers and created internal projects:

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A customer advertising company owns a developed network of billboards and other outdoor advertising mediums and they encountered several problems with informing customers, geo planning and media planning. To solve these problems, the business analysts and marketing department of EffectiveSoft created a complex solution for Outdoor Advertising management. Due to Effective Soft’s efforts, the administrative load on the management of the customer was significantly reduced and spending on customer support decreased. The Outdoor Advertising Management system has boosted the productivity of the customer’s advertising company.

This Use Case describes the process of testing and managing of FlatBurger project; our customer needed a continuous QA of the application modules, which are applying for the certification. The project was assigned with a dedicated QA team, and provided with a full-cycle QA services. Due to well-planned and professional QA process, we managed to fix defects of the application and to resolve all critical issues of FlatBurger project.

A real estate company was in need of Microsoft CRM customization services. So they turned to EffectiveSoft for qualified help and professional development and customization work. The objective of the project was to customize Microsoft CRM for new employees, to delaminate permissions, to reduce the costs of trainings for new team members. It was also required to simplify workflow process and to preserve all functions used in Microsoft CRM. The client was satisfied with performed work, because EffectiveSoft delivered a customized version of MS CRM with improved system of monitoring and reporting and created a unique workflow, what resulted in costs reduction and working processes acceleration.

The customer applied to EffectiveSoft for developing online Link Management CMS for his SEO Company, he wanted us to create a Content Management System adjusted to perform SEO-related activities on his company’s websites. EffectiveSoft’s team examined customer requirements, business conditions and proceeded with specification development and project analysis. As a result, we provided customer with fully-customizable and functioning CMS adapted for his SEO needs. This online CMS accelerated and simplified the work of Link managers in customer’s SEO Company and allowed him to increase work productivity and business profits.

flash game Flash game is a non-commercial internal project, intended to demonstrate skills of Flash developers and to perform in-house trainings. EffectiveSoft workgroup used such tools as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash CS4, Eclipse with FDT were to create the game.
The game is a trial-class rally racing, presented as a 2D solution with a simple car as a main character. View detailed technical description of the Flash game Rally Quest or play the game online.