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Why EffectiveSoft

...or why our customers awarded us with their accolades.

Cost and quality advantages 
The paramount benefits that customers derive when working with EffectiveSoft are fairly affordable prices for the services and outstanding quality of the products. Despite a high competitive spirit in the IT market, EffectiveSoft is always open to price reviews without compromising the quality at the end.

Customer-centric approach 
We at EffectiveSoft are process-flexible and can adjust our Offshore Engagement Model (OEM) as required by timeframes and business needs of the client. Once involved into the project, we focus exclusively on business challenges of the customer by working on supreme product quality, adhering to schedules and budget.

Seamless activity and ongoing communication 
EffectiveSoft exercises the activity that guarantees a successful and seamless project run. Our development and management processes are plain but well-tuned and understandable for the client. We address any question, concern or idea coming from the customer's side with apt explanations, friendly discussions and to the point decisions. We are always available for calls and adjust our working hours to the business hours of the customers from other time zones.

Professionalism and reliability 
EffectiveSoft is committed to undertaking the projects that speak to technology competence and know-how abilities. For each step in the project being executed, we at EffectiveSoft do our best to perform tasks with responsibility by using knowledge, creativity and skills to the utmost and efficiently.

One-stop vendor 

At EffectiveSoft, it is possible to order the services with a single access point: from software development, design of distribution packages with application installation to a technical support and maintenance. Such a "one-stop" service releases the customer from additional product-related costs, saves time and allows establishing a long-tem partnership. What is more, all our services include a design of technical documentation, business analysis, quality assurance processes combined with intermediate product deliveries to the customer.

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